fairs and competitors

Today’s business world is that companies have to operate in such a wide range of areas, and where there are other factors to be successful, marketing strategies can be used well here. This is one of the market strategies and most importantly, it is to follow the world in its sector and to be included in big markets. This is the most appropriate form of the fair.

A well-crafted fair offers its offerers an introductory space, a sales bureau and sales offering. Fair membership and visitors come together at fairs which are an impartial area other than timeline environmental relations.

A well-developed fair with its leaders will bring together the vast majority of traders. It is the perfect way to enter a new market, into a new country.

Visitors’ view of the fair is positive: It is a very important positive factor that the visitors are willing to go to the fair to be diverse, perhaps to volunteer to see the products in the exhibition, to learn about them and to create purchasing decisions. In addition to these advantages of a fair, there are many reasons why a firm can participate in the fair:

• Protect existing customers and sales.
• Receive new orders.
• Recognize innovations.
• Exporting, increasing the existing.
• Gaining new experience in the short and medium term (the measurable impact of a fair can last from six months to four years).
• Competitors’ innovations.
• Products compare with alternative products.
• Find new distribution lists or agents.
• Testing possible prices, testing responses.
• Measure reactions against various product designs and packaging.
• Doing prestige.